All NISD volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check.  It is a simple form, but is mandatory prior to volunteering at any NISD school.

The form is available online at the NISD website.  Here is a link to Frequently Asked Questions about the background check:  FAQs

Make sure you select “BRISCOE” as your volunteer location. If you plan to volunteer at other NISD schools, you can list them too so you’ll only need to submit the form once.

Although it only takes a minute to fill out and submit this simple form, the background check process can take a few days or it can take several days before the school gets notified that a volunteer has cleared the process.


  • The background check is mandatory for all NISD volunteers (athletics, band, PSG, etc) who will be working around the students.

  • The background check must be performed each year.

  • The background check is also required for volunteers with government security clearances.

  • NISD employees with an ID badge do not need to submit the form.

Background Check Forms:


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