“CHARMS” is a popular database system used by many music educators to make organization and tracking of administrative information easier which frees them up to do the important work — Teaching Music!  CHARMS is used to track a wide variety of information from uniform assignments, to maintaining an event calendar, to personal contact information.

Parent help is needed to keep important information up to date!

Please note that information in the Charms systems is ONLY available for school use only and for logistical purposes.

Parents can access this area using the following procedure:



  1. a) Type BriscoeMSBand in the Parent/Student Login in the right hand side
  2. b)    Type your Student ID #  and  log in into your individual child’s  account
  3. c) Information can be viewed and updated.

2)  Charms App on Google Play or iOS store.

  1. a) follow directions above



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